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Aiding Your Growth to Build

a Better Business.

Whether you need interim operational support, advice on strategic direction, or meaningful service value, trust Orijin Inc. as your partner to provide flexible solutions when your business needs it. 



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Orijin removes the burden of sourcing and procuring of goods from our clients by providing a competitive and timely procurement service from highly trusted sources.


We have the flexibility to adjust to individual project requirements, project size and workload coupled with the most favourable logistics solution, through our wide network of business alliances, to save time, money and meet project schedules.


Our expertise, market knowledge and volume-leveraged pricing helps clients to maximize return on investment. We offer transparency, reliability and efficiency all through the procurement process so our clients can focus on their projects!

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Logistics Solutions

Having the right product in the right place at the right time, at the lowest cost, is extremely difficult to consistently achieve.


Our expertise and experience, working for both users and providers, makes us well equipped to find the right logistics solution for your company through our business alliances with global freight forwarders and trusted transportation companies.


Our focus is on timeliness and accuracy in materials delivery through quality assurance with vendors to minimize delays and errors.

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Customs Brokerage

Using a team of licensed customs brokers whose experience covers personal, retail, industrial and vessel clearance, we are committed to developing an import program tailored to further simplify and compliment your logistics operations requirements.


Our customized procedures are designed to ensure consistency of result and trade requirement compliance (national, regional and international). We do it the right way.

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Vessel Agency

As a liaison on the ground, we provide a range of marine logistics solutions, keeping you fully informed of your vessel’s status prior to, during and after the port call while we promptly meet your needs with our flexible operational approach.

Our supportive client communication network with a 24/7 coverage means we can take advantage of opportunities as they arise and adapt to changing conditions. Should our clients have a special requirement or situation, we are sure we can accommodate or provide guidance to resolve special situations.


We have strong relationships with many industry partners, including Regulatory bodies, Port Authorities and Customs that complement our services and ensure cost effective turnarounds.

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Market Entry Assistance

Market entry provides many opportunities for new investors, but also opens doors to unknown risk- confusing legislation frameworks, complicated incorporation process, overwhelming bureaucracy, paperwork, lack of response and lengthy communication with the local statutory authorities.


Our market entry services team can provide a full-range support and help clients gain and sustain a competitive position in their chosen new market- starting from a smooth incorporation process. We also partner with other professional firms to support legal, finance and tax requirements.

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Project Consultancy

We can create the right content to build your business and brand loyalty. Our services cover any B2B content that you may need, including, but not limited to, branding, strategy development, website content, powerpoint presentations and company profiles.


We will approach every project with the creativity, passion and knowledge needed to make your content naturally engaging and effective.



Orijin Inc. is a dynamic business support company that is committed to sustaining its clients’ competitive advantage through customized service solutions in customs brokerage, logistics, vessel agency, market entry assistance, procurement and content creation.


You can be confident that Orijin Inc. will find efficient and creative ways to help drive business growth and reduce operational costs, without compromising on quality. We focus on business process optimization which allows us to cater to our clients’ specific needs, respond to issues, and report back with insights and recommendations.




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